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Great pictures

I would recommend this App. Story is short and sweet, to the points. Great assortment of pictures. To search for all those great pictures, I believe, could cost a lot more. But, this App. Allows one to appreciate many wonderful art works with minimal cost. I love the fact that down loading the pictures are pretty easy. High solution needs to get each one individually uploaded first. When the App. Is obtained, be sure to tap on the British flag to get English version. Overall greatly recommended. Would love to see this developer's future products.

Not too hot

Small low resolution pictures in one long filmstrip. No access by artist or date.

Great app

Make sure your phone is updated

Don't buy this app

This app doesn't even work. The intro page displays and then the application closes by itself. It doesn't show pictures, it just shuts down. Total waste of money!!!

Don't buy crappy lo res images

I thought it was going to have a collection of hi res images of these classic pin ups. But these are little low res images that when you save it is so pixelated. Wasted my money, I want a refund! Just browse online for good pics this app is TRASH!


It's ok. Pics are small like for an iPod even though it's supposed to be an iPad app. Not really worth the money.

Good, but could be great

Good selection of images, but no historical data - no artist name, name of image, year it was created. As a repository of images it's ok but it could be so much more...

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